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Create a life of joy and fulfillment through one-on-one coaching with Dr. Billy Strean.

For many people, coaching is the perfect entry into The Practice of Joy or the ideal follow-up from a workshop or retreat. There are many people who call themselves “coach,” so it is helpful to know what distinguishes Billy.

While many “coaches” only have a weekend of training or are not even certified, Billy brings over 25 years of experience working with individuals to enhance enjoyment and performance with a doctorate in sport and performance psychology, multiple coach certifications including Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute, and Master Somatic Coach from Strozzi Institute. Dr. Strean has worked with world-champion athletes, CEOs, small business owners, and scores of people from all walks of life who are looking to be more effective and fully alive.

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Executive/Business Coaching

Although all coaching addresses the client’s whole life, the focus of Executive/Business Coaching is on leadership and professional effectiveness. This form of coaching can be part of a consulting package with workplace workshops or it can be offered separately. Dr. Strean will help you to enhance your leadership presence and find greater joy as you pursue personal and organizational excellence.

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Personal Coaching

Each coaching relationship is customized and begins with a discovery process where you will explore your values, strengths, and aspirations. You will examine your current levels of satisfaction with the various dimensions of your life (e.g., personal happiness, career, health, finances, relationships, fun & recreation, sense of purpose). It is typically most valuable to have a primary focus, yet as the client, you bring the agenda to the coaching and there may be urgent or current issues that you want to address in a given session. Dr. Strean also believes that you have the answers that are most valuable and relevant to your life.  As a coach, part of his job is to ask questions to help you find the answers that are most valuable to you. He will also be working to help you to keep true to your values, and to help you to stay on track to get the results you want and live the life you desire.

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