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5 Minute Retreats

Need a Full Mind, Body, and Soul Refresh but Don’t Have Time for A Vacation?

Join Dr. Strean Wednesday mornings at 8am MST for a 5-minute retreat in the Practice of Joy. Don’t worry, if you miss it live, there will be a recording.

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Personal Retreats

A destination immersion experience in a beautiful natural setting; the perfect pairing to create joy.

Each day provides a scintillating taste of the various Elements of joy including opportunities for group activities, time in nature, workshop experiences, sumptuous meals and optional meditation and yoga.

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Corporate Retreats

“Joy for Energy, Fun, and Profit"

Rediscover your joy and take it home to your business.

This retreat is designed for C-suite and executive teams to relax, restore, and revitalize as well as develop practices for a Joyful Workplace … one in which energy, communication, and a sense of play lead to more time in Flow and Zone

Flow — those moments of satisfying full engagement when your skills align with your challenges

Zone — when you are in your optimal state for performance, leading to the magical combination of great experience and great results

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