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Re-Charge! Re-Connect! Re-Discover!

Bringing Joy and Deeper Learning to Your Workplace

What does it take to be inspired and energized at work? Dr. Strean’s Joy in the Workplace model addresses key factors necessary to design and maintain a workplace where people feel great and work great. Stemming from cutting edge research and best practices of peak performers, you’ll learn why information and analysis seldom create the change you are looking for. You’ll see how to motivate yourself and others to excel and enjoy the process. Using dynamic and experiential approaches, this program shows you how to tap into the power of emotion, fuel your performance, focus your attention, use your strengths, communicate effectively, have more fun & play, and lead in the context of a positive environment.

Managing Your 27 Hour Day

Moving from BUSY to EASE

If you are like most people, you are frequently stressed, distracted, and trying to do two things at once.

But did you know that multi-tasking is a myth … and trying to do it actually damages your brain?

The most common answer to “How are you?” is “Busy.” Although it can be like a badge of honour, consider it stands for Badly Unbalanced, Seriously Yearning. Learn to find EASE: Energy, Awe, Satisfaction, & Enjoyment.

This session is a practical and experiential program to help you end the suffering and become happier, clearer, and more focused on what matters to you.

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No More Peeing in the Pool

Creating Joy in Workplace Communication

Are you tired of constant complaining around the office? What’s it like to swim in polluted water all day? This workshop – a favorite at conferences and at workplaces – is all about ending the garbage of your communication at work (and the skills apply to the rest of life).

Through active learning experiences, you will get just how powerful conversations are and see how to shift your conversations so you are creating positive energy instead of indulging the usual “trauma sharing” and destructive conversations. Once the filtration system is put in place, you’ll experience how to alter “the network of conversations” of your life. Whether your office needs a little fine tuning or a major overhaul, you’ll find the tools to get the job done here.


From small startups to large organizations, consulting provides intensive learning over a more extended horizon of time. Our work will be highly customized to produce the specific outcomes that matter most to you. Typically, after a discovery process and a collaborative design, we begin with an “all hands on deck” workshop to provide the core ideas, frameworks, and practices. We then include ongoing coaching for the leadership team and selected individuals. Support and continuous education and development can be provided via a variety of online tools and onsite workshops. Off-site retreats may also be included. Please use the contact form  to tell us more about your interests.