Conference Workshops


A group of healthcare workers

From Exasperation to Exhilaration

Let Go and Get Energized!

You’ve got a full program of great content and speakers … it would be a shame to have an audience so stressed and distracted that they don’t get the benefit of the program. This presentation makes an excellent opening keynote to your conference or event.

This session uses laughter, music, and movement to shake off the cobwebs and open the hearts and minds of the audience. Based on the latest science and 30 years of experience, your audience will be energized, exhilarated and ready to take it all in.

Mid-Conference Energizer

Exhilarated Recess: Double Espresso for the Soul

You’ve been doing a lot of sitting and taking in a lot of information. Here’s a chance to get up and get physical! Stimulate your creativity with laughter, music, and play. This mid-session energizer is like a 7th inning stretch for your conference or training. Energize, Scotty!

A woman walking

Conference Closer

A woman celebrating

Action, Action, We Want Action!

Turning Good Ideas into Powerful Goals

Wow … what a great program! Your attendees have their heads full of ideas. But here’s the key question: how can they take the gems home and make a difference in their lives? This session turns ideas into actions. It’s based on the simple yet powerful observation that people are more likely to do what they like to do.

Especially powerful as a closing session, participants will create practices and structures to effect real change in their lives. Ideas on peak performance and how to experience “flow” and spend more time “in the zone” will send your participants home satisfied and fueled for action. Using cutting edge research on goal-setting, participants will create a truly effective plan.