The Practice of Joy Signature Keynote & Workshops

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Signature Keynote: Elements of Joy

Elements of Joy Workshops

A five workshop series for a deeper dive into the Practice of Joy. You have attended the keynote or have been following Billy in his 5 Minute Retreats. Now you are ready to take a deeper dive into the Practice of Joy.

Healthy habits

Workshop #1 – Energy/Body

The foundation for your Practice of Joy

Nutrition, hydration, sleep/recovery, physical activity, and mindfulness create the foundations for joy.

Before we get into some of the more sophisticated and challenging elements of joy, we begin by creating a strong foundation with elements that almost everyone knows, but very few people do: fortifying nutrition, replenishing hydration, restorative sleep & recovery, revitalizing physical activity, and grounding & calming mindfulness


Participants learn that knowledge is the booby prize and the secret to success is not thinking and analyzing but feeling and acting.

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Workshop #2 - Relationships

Re-connecting with your Self, others, and spirit

Dissolve the myth of separation, to help you feel more united with your authentic self, with the people you care about, and with the mysterious and intangible.

Most people would agree that the quality of their relationships ties closely with the quality of their lives. But often whether our “loved ones” is just an idea or a truly rich experience seems like a matter of luck.


This session provides communication tools and approaches that unlock ways to have more joyful relationships consistently.

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Workshop #3 – Inspiration

Your creativity, passion and purpose

How we find meaning and create joy through contribution, service, and connecting to something bigger than ourselves.

What gets us jumping out of bed in the morning and what keeps our spark alive is when our creativity is fully engaged, we are aligned with our purpose, and we feel our passion. 


This session helps participants to use their strengths and express their gifts through meaningful service and contribution.

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Workshop #4 – The Power of Nature

To relieve stress and create well-being

Re-connecting with the awe of our natural world and the magnificence of the planet and its power to relieve stress and create well-being.

Perhaps the least explored and used Element, our connection with nature is magical in the physiological, emotional, and spiritual benefits it can provide.


In this session, participants will learn about some of the surprising studies of nature and develop specific plans to find more joy and fulfillment through time in nature.

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Workshop #5 – Laughter, Humour, & Pure Play

The key to being fully alive!

Laughter may be the fastest and most effective path to joy. Play reveals our most authentic self. For sure laughter, humour, and play add to your happiness.


Not only will participants have direct experience of the many benefits of laughter, but this session also delves into the ten core positive emotions (awe, inspiration, hope, interest, love, gratitude, serenity, pride, amusement, and joy) and offers daily practices to expand your joy and wellbeing through positivity.