Joy in the Workplace

Why Joy? What’s In it For Me?

Practicing Joy in the Workplace may be something you intuitively feel is a good idea, but you need to get a handle on what that abstract concept can do for your team or organization… and more importantly, how to get there.

Billy Can Help You

For Small Business Owners or Team Leaders

Two employees at a printer
  • Rejuvenate your team. Help them to stay connected to themselves, each other, and what you all care about.

  • Reduce churn and employee turn-over.

  • Build an environment where creativity and innovation flourish.

  • Discover what it means to be a leader and exercise leadership effectively.

  • Develop the skills and practices to inspire the best of your people.

  • Expand your tools and methods for bringing out more of each employee’s strengths.

  • Design practices to instill collaboration.

  • Guide new processes of communication that create amazing clarity while reducing complaints and resentment.

  • Engage deeper learning and retention of key points during presentations and meetings.

For Leaders of a Large Organization

Breathe life and joy into your corporate trainings, conferences and events, with workshops, opening keynotes, mid-conference energizers, and closing presentations.

  • Clarify what is working well and identify your individual and team strengths.

  • Design methods for all team members to use their gifts more regularly.

  • Create specific ways to have more fun, play, and energy in your daily work.

  • Engage in practices to create greater coordination and clear alignment with your organizational mission.

  • Connect job demands with opportunities for your individual growth and expanded mastery.

  • Learn precise tools for speaking and listening that create amazing clarity while reducing complaints and resentment.

  • Develop deep pride and affiliation.

  • Feel connected to your teammates, honoured and respected for what you bring to the dance.

Dr. Billy Stream talking