The Practice of Joy

Joy is Both A Destination and A Journey

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There is one thing missing in many of our lives, our teams, and in our communities...and that is simply joy!

Dr. Billy Strean has spent a lifetime seeking solutions and developing practices to help others find their joy, re-connect with their natural sense of awe, and create more aha moments!

His practice of joy has been developed over decades as a university professor and multi-disciplinary practitioner.

To Billy, joy is both a destination and a journey.

The destination is what he refers to as a “Joy State of Being.”

The journey is the daily practice of joy.

And like any practice, the more we practice, the better we become at creating habits. Those habits can open us to more joy, awe and aha moments.

The Practice of Joy is Based Upon Five Elements

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    Element 1: Energy & Attention

    The foundation for your Practice of Joy
    Nutrition, hydration, sleep/recovery, physical activity, and mindfulness create the foundations for joy

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    Element 2: Relationships

    Re-connecting with your Self, others, and spirit
    Dissolving the myth of separation, to help you feel more united with your authentic self, with the people you care about, and with the mysterious and Intangible

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    Element 3: Inspiration

    Your creativity, passion, and purpose
    How we find meaning and create joy through contribution, service, and connecting to something bigger than ourselves

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    Element 4: The Power of Nature

    To relieve stress, deepen connection, and enhance well-being
    Re-connecting with the awe of our natural world and the magnificence of the planet and its power to relieve stress and create well-being

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    Element 5: Laughter, Humour, & Pure Play

    The key to being fully alive!
    Laughter may be the fastest and most effective path to joy. Play reveals our most authentic self.

How Do You Begin?

Get to know Billy for free with 5 minute retreats or take a deeper dive through coaching, workshops or retreats.

What Can You Expect?

  • Rediscover your lightness, fun, and awe!
  • Find yourself smiling more and laughing easily.
  • Actively seek and create enjoyment and improve your ability to bounce back from physical and emotional setbacks.
  • Discover what’s really important to you and let go of the weight that pulls you down.
  • Re-awaken your child-like sense of awe and wonder, as you enjoy yourself, your life, and your relationships more fully and completely.
  • Become more grateful for what you have and who you are as you expand your vision for your life.
  • Increase and balance your energy throughout the day.
  • Find amusement in daily foibles and mishaps.
  • Design pathways to be more fulfilled in all areas of your life.
  • Gain a new sense of ease, as you produce more results that really matter to you.
  • Enhance your communication so your relationships have fewer bumps and greater joy and love.
  • Dissolve the illusion of separateness as you feel connected to yourself, the important people in your life, and the natural world.
  • Build a sustainable foundation for greater energy and attention.
  • Maintain your focus and return to being present with greater ease.

Begin your personal practice through coaching, workshops or retreats.

Learn more about Joy in the Workplace. or Deeper Learning Through Joy.